Open Door

The ‘Open Door’ system is a way to help women who are moving internationally by providing contact with a network of women of different nationalities, thereby promoting mutual understanding, furthering cultural exchanges and cultivating friendship; all of which can lead to a richer and broader understanding of other nations and cultures.

Open Door is a network of non-political, non-religious and non-commercial International Women’s Associations and where membership is open to all nationalities to offer inter-club contact and communication. Open door enables members of affiliated associations to have guest status at monthly meeting. It provides an opportunity for club members moving to or visiting another country to find a group of internationally-minded women and to join or visit their Club.
When a club member visits or moves to a city or town where an affiliated association exists, she will be required to present her membership card or an introduction letter from her association to the membership officer or to the international coordinator of the affiliated association.

Today – in fifty countries – there are more than seventy-nine International Women’s Associations which ‘open their doors’ to members of sister associations.

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To members: If you are leaving the country and are wondering if there is an International Women’s Club where you are going, please contact the International Coordinator via the International Forum Office.