The International Forum has 4 honorary members, over 260 resident members, 3 overseas members and 12 associate members from 41 countries.

The membership comprises three different groups:

  • Members or spouses / partners of members of the Norwegian Foreign Service
  • Members of the Diplomatic Corps in Norway
  • General members

Application for membership, sponsored by two members, shall be approved by the Board. However applicants from groups 1 and 2 shall always be eligible.

Not more than one third of the membership shall be of the same nationality, although this limitation does not apply to the Norwegian Foreign Service.

Application forms are obtainable from the International Forum Office.


To members:  Please remember to renew your membership for the coming year August 2017- June 2018 by 30 September at the latest.

For full membership please pay NOK 500,-  to bank account:


International Forum, P.O. Box 1505 Vika, 0117 Oslo

For overseas or associate members the fee is NOK 200,-. Please indicate your membership category.