An interesting variety of events is planned for the coming season. The following summary will give an idea of what will be available and also some dates which you might like to note in your diary. Please see the Newsletter each month for more details.

2018 – 2019

September 3    The Development of the English Language – Kristin Bech

October 1        The Work of the Nobel Committee – Sigrid Langebrekke

November 5    Geir Gokstad – Vikings and the Gokstad ship

December 3     Christmas Meeting


September 4     “A Look at the Norwegian Character and Values” – Per Egil Hegge

September 16    Ambassadors for Peace – Oslo Marathon / 10 km run 

September 19   Bus trip to Aas Manor and Råsjøen Hunting Lodge in Hakadal

October 3          Plastic Pollution in the Ocean – lecture by Dr. Amy Lusher

October 6          “Towards the Forest” – Karl Ove Knausgaard on Edvard Munch

October 11         A visit to the National Archives of Norway – a guided tour

November 7       Egg donation and Biotechnology Law – Prof. Marit Melhuus, UiO

Mid -November Visit to galleries

November 29     Christmas lunch at Oslo Militær Samfund

December 11      The Christmas Meeting


January 11          Exhibition by Marina Abranovitch at the Henie Onstad Museum

June 11                The Annual General Meeting



January 9:    Epidemics from the Black Death to the Zika virus –                 Tone Bruun, Senior Medical Officer              

January 17:   Ibsen Museum – Suzannah Ibsen / the role women played              in Ibsen’s work

January 24:   A Gallery Walk in the centre of Oslo, starting near                the Town Hall                       

February 1:   What do the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch, French                  writer Gustav Flaubert, the Dutch cultural theorist                Mieke Bal, and the 2008 financial crisis have in                   common? The exhibition, entitled Emma and Edvard:                  Love in the time of Loneliness, will be curated by                 Mieke Bal.                                           

February 6:   American Presidential Election System – B. Ødegaard

February 14:  An exhibition focusing on the world-famous Japanese                artist Takashi Murakami. There will be a guided tour               at the Astrup Fearnley Museum

February 16:  Visit to the Oslo Stock Exchange – a talk and a tour               of the works of art

March 6:      National Tourist Routes in Norway – Per Ritzier from               the Norwegian Public Roads Administration

March 16:     American Graphic Art 1960 – 1990 at the National                   Gallery

March 21:     Norway Designs – not just a shop!

April 4:      Finish artist Irma Salo Jæger – retrospective                      exhibition, Henie Onstad Art Centre                  

May 4:        Architecture Walk around Ullevål-Hageby

May 8:        Sexual abuse on the internet towards minors – Marit                Bakkevig, Senior Public Prosecutor

May 9:        Visit to Fransiskushjelpen at St. Hallvard’s Church                and Monastery – this organisation offers help those                critically ill or dying and to those in need.

May 29:       A special invitation from H.E. Helen Campbell,                     Ambassador of the European Union, to visit the                     Delegation of the EU in Oslo. Nearing the end of her               term, the Ambassador will share with us experiences                from her work in Norway and her thoughts about the                 European Union, present and future. 

May 31:       Annual concert by the Forum Singers at Vestre Aker                 Menighetshus. This year tribute will be paid to three              talented ladies, all born in the year 1917:                        Ella Fitzgerald, Wenche Foss and Vera Lynn, who                    represented their countries with grace and dignity. 

June 12:      The Annual General Meeting