Dates for your Diary in 2017


January 9:
Epidemics from the Black Death to the Zika virus – Tone Bruun, Senior Medical Officer, the Norwegian Public Health Institute
January 17:
Ibsen Museum – Suzannah Ibsen / the role women played in Ibsen’s work
January 24:       A Gallery Walk in the centre of Oslo, starting near the Town Hall
February 1:      What do the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch, French writer Gustav
                           Flaubert, the Dutch cultural theorist Mieke Bal, and the 2008 financial
                           crisis have in common? The exhibition, entitled Emma and Edvard:
                        Love in the time of Loneliness, will be curated by Mieke Bal.
February 6:
American Presidential Election System – Barbara Ødegaard
February 14:
For the first time in Scandinavia, an exhibition focusing on the world-famous Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. There will be a guided tour at the Astrup Fearnley Museum
February 16:
Visit to the Oslo Stock Exchange – a talk and a tour of the works of art
March 6:
National Tourist Routes in Norway – Per Ritzler from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration
March 16:
American Graphic Art 1960 – 1990 at the National Gallery
March 21:         Norway Designs – not just a shop!
April 4:              The Finish artist Irma Salo Jæger – a retrospective exhibition at the
                            Henie Onstad Art Centre
May 4:
Architecture Walk around Ullevål-Hageby
May 8:
Sexual abuse on the internet towards minors – Marit Bakkevig,    Senior Public Prosecutor
May 9:
Visit to Fransiskushjelpen at St. Hallvard’s Church and Monastery – this organisation offers help those critically ill or dying and to those in need.
May 29:
A special invitation from H.E. Helen Campbell, Ambassador of the European Union, to visit the Delegation of the EU in Oslo. Nearing the end of her term, the Ambassador will share with us experiences from her work in Norway and her thoughts about the European Union, present and future. Don’t miss this unique opportunity!
May 31:
Annual concert by the Forum Singers at Vestre Aker Menighetshus. This year tribute will be paid to three talented ladies, all born in the year 1917:  Ella Fitzgerald, Wenche Foss and Vera Lynn, who represented their countries with grace and dignity. (Also open to non-members: NOK 200.- / children under 15 yrs. NOK 50.-)
June 12:
       The Annual General Meeting

Autumn 2017

September 4:      A Look at the Norwegian Character and Values – Per Egil Hegge        
September 16
    Ambassadors for Peace – Oslo Marathon / 10 km run
September 19:    A bus trip to Aas Manor and Råsjøen Hunting Lodge in Hakadal 
October 2:           Plastic Pollution in the Oceans – a lecture by Dr. Amy Lusher, a
                              leading researcher in the field of marine pollution.
October 5:           Towards the Forest – Karl Ove Knausgaard on Edvard Munch 
                              – a guided tour at the Munch Museum.
October 11:         The National Archives of Norway – a guided tour
November 6:       Egg donation and Biotechnology Law – Professor Marit Melhuus                                
Mid-November:  Visit to galleries – more details to be announced
November 29:     Christmas Lunch at Oslo Militære Samfund
December 11:      The Christmas meeting

Events in November 2016

We are delighted to welcome H. E. Riffat Masood, Ambassador to Norway from Pakistan, as guest speaker at the Monthly Meeting on Monday, November 7. The topic of her speech will be “Challenges and Opportunities in south Asia and their impact on Women”. This promises to be a very interesting and informative talk.

On Thursday, November 10 there will be a visit to the National Museum – Architecture to see the Oslo Architecture Triennial: After belonging. In Residence. The Art Committee feels that this exhibition is particularly appropriate for International Forum members because of our diverse experience in living in many different part of the world.

Autumn is almost over and at the end of the month, on Tuesday, November 29 there will be an early Christmas Lunch at Asker Museum, arranged by the Special Events Committee. Known as the Valstad Collections, the museum is located in the Valley of Artists and offers a wide variety of attractions and a unique access to a bygone era. On arrival traditional Gløgg (mulled wine) will be served. After the guided tour the Christmas lunch, a speciality of the museum, may be partaken of.


Events in October 2016

At the meeting on Monday, 3 October, Ambassador Truls Hanevold will give a talk entitled Bhutan, the last Shangri-La?.

The Art Committee has planned a guided tour of the Exhibition: Japanomania in the North 1875 – 1918, which is on show at the National Gallery and at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design. This will take place on Thursday, 6 October 6.

Later in the month on Thursday, 20 October, the Special Events Committee invite members to a  guided tour of the Norwegian Broadcasting CorporationNRK. This will be one of the last chances available to visit Marienlyst and see the iconic buildings, since NRK is planning  to move the new and modern studios elsewhere.

Events in September 2016

Do sign up for the first Monthly Meeting of the season on Monday September 5, to hear an interesting talk about the Vikings in Britain. Our speaker will be Iori Roberts, who has long had a keen interest this topic. Originally from Wales, he is physicist by profession and  has taught in the Caribbean and Uganda, before settling in Norway.

Please remember that you are welcome to bring guests, if there is space available. All details are given in the August Newsletter.


On Thursday September 8, the Art Committee invites members to a guided tour of the exhibition: Nikolai Astrup – Norwegian Landscapes at the Henie Onstad Art Centre.  This prolific artist, painter and printmaker was from the west coast of Norway.

Midsommer Bonfire
Midsommer Bonfire






Twisted tree
Twisted tree








This fascinating exhibition, recently shown at the charming Dulwich Picture Gallery, just outside London, has now opened at Høvikodden, in a more comprehensive version.




Later in the month, on Tuesday September 20, there will be an opportunity to visit Freia, a historic chocolate factory established in 1898 by Johan Throne Holst. A guided tour, including the history on the factory, the original Munch paintings as well as a visit to the  beautiful park, has been arranged by the Special Events Committee. There will also be a journey into the world of chocolate – both the production and even a taste.

NB: The deadline for signing up is September 2, so do not delay. Guests are welcome if there is space available. For more details, please contact the International Forum Office.


Some activities are already under way, but many will be starting up again in September. A full list is available under Menu in the top right-hand corner of the screen.


International Forum 2016-2017

Welcome to the new International Forum year!

The first regular event will be our Monthly Meeting on September 5th, at 19:00. We are delighted to have Iori Roberts as our speaker. He will talk about Vikings in Great Britain. Sign up details will be given in the August Newsletter.

The first Joint Committee meeting will be on Monday 29th August, at 17:00.

Please remember to pay your membership fee for the coming year at your earliest convenience.


Report: Visit to Larvik

Report: Visit to Larvik

Early in the morning on June 13th, forty “lucky ladies” met for a Spring trip to Larvik, arranged by the Special Events Committee. So many members wanted to take part in this visit, and we are sorry that the number of participants had to be limited.

Soon after we started, Rosemary gave us an orientation of the history and some short stories about the towns which we travelled through on our way down to our destination. We arrived on time at 10:30 at Fritzøehus, where we were welcomed by a cheerful Mille-Marie Treschow.

Already in the entrance hall, we became speechless ….

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