October 7


The speech by Ms Astrid Nøkleby Heiberg on Monday October 7. has been canceled.

Ms Heidi von Weltzien Høivik has very kindly offered to give a talk on ‘Whistleblowing – A Moral Right and Duty,’ a topic that she has worked extensively with for many years. 

Ms Høivik has an distinguished international career, and has – among other things – been the Executive Vice-President and Dean of Faculty (Prorektor) of the Norwegian School of Management (BI). She is also a Fellow of the Harvard Executive Program of the Institute Education Management and the Harvard Program on International Negotiations, and has been Visiting Professor at Tel Aviv International School of Management. In 2000, she was asked to teach at the Fudan School of Management, Shanghai, in their joint MBA program with the Norwegian School of Management. This led to teaching assignments in China twice each year until 2006. 

Ms Høivik has published scores of books and articles on ethics and leadership as a Professor at BI Norwegian Business School, the Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Oslo. Whistleblowing is a very hot topic, specifically in light of the latest developments in international politics. Ms Høivik is currently Professor Emerita at BI. 

The Forum thanks her for stepping in on such a short notice. 

Dates for your Diary 2019

Autumn 2019

October 7.    The speech by Ms Astrid Nøkleby Heiberg on Monday October 7. has been canceled. Ms Heidi von Weltzien Høivik has very kindly offered to give a talk on ‘Whistleblowing – A Moral Right and Duty,’ a topic that she has worked extensively with for many years.

October 09 Brexit into the Future 17:30 6 

October 15 Veas Sewage Treatment Plant 10:45 8 

October 31 The Great Dada Show at Henie-Onstad 12:00 12 

November 09 Christmas Lunch at Engebret Café 

September 2    M. M. : Mona Levin on Jewish immigration to Norway, narrated through the history of one family
September 21     Ambassadors-for-Peace Marathon
September 24 S.E.:   Visit to Villa Stenersen

September 26 Gilbert & George at Astrup Fearnley 

Spring 2019

January 7     M. M. : Sigrid Bratlie on on Genome Editing
January 17   Art :  Håkon Bleken: “Do not go gentle”
January 24   S.E. : The Norwegian Red Cross
February 4   M. M. : Torbjørn Færøvik On China
February 12  The 40th Anniversary Celebration
March 4    M.M. :  H.E. Anna Maria Sikó, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of   Hungary, talked about Hungary, its history and today´s socio-economic challenges.
April 25 Art:  Visit to the Henie Onstad Centre: The Moon
May 6     M.M. :   H.E. Jocelyn Batoon-Garcia, Ambassador of the Philippines on topic: A glimpse of Philippine Costumes and Textiles.
May 9   S.E.  Visit to the Norwegian Academy of Music – Norges Musikkhøgskole
May 23   Art: Studio 26 – The studio of Shian Yuan Yachi and Dag Hol

May 28   Forum Singers Spring Concert,  Vestre Aker Menighetshus 

June 3  AGM

Dates for your Diary 2018

Spring 2018

January  8   Monthly Meeting : The Norwegian Election System – Marit Nybakk

January 11   Art :  Marina Ibramovic at Henie-Onstad

January 25    S.E. : Visit to the Salvation Army

February 5    Monthly Meeting : Illiteracy in Cuba – H. E. Oscar de Los Reyes Ramos

February  22   S. E. : Tour of the Oslo Public Library

February 27   Art : With Eyes Closed / Gauguin and Munch

March 6          Monthly Meeting : Obstetric Fistula  – Sidsel Høihjelle Michelsen

March 16        Art : The Great Graphic Boom

March 21        S.E. :  Norway Designs

April 4            Art :  Irma Salo Jæger

April 17          S.E. : A visit to the Norwegian College of Sports Sciences

April 26          Art : Nesodden Kunst- og Næringsparken

May 7             Monthly Meeting : Norwegian Defence – Admiral Steinar Paulsen

May 24           Art : Architectural Walk to the Barcode

May 30           Forum Singers 20th Jubilee Concert

June 5            Visit to the Royal Park

June 11          Annual General Meeting

June 13           S.E. : Visit to Sister Churches, Hadeland

Autumn  2018

September 3   Monthly Meeting :   Development of the English Language – Kristin Bech

October 1        Monthly Meeting :   The work of the Nobel Committee – Sigrid Langebrekke

November 5    Monthly Meeting :   The Gokstad Viking Ships – Geir Gokstad

December 3     Christmas Meeting :  A Christmas Carol – a performance by Angela Halvorsen Bogo and Jan-Egil Egnes

Dates for your Diary in 2017


January 9:
Epidemics from the Black Death to the Zika virus – Tone Bruun, Senior Medical Officer, the Norwegian Public Health Institute
January 17:
Ibsen Museum – Suzannah Ibsen / the role women played in Ibsen’s work
January 24:       A Gallery Walk in the centre of Oslo, starting near the Town Hall
February 1:      What do the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch, French writer Gustav
                           Flaubert, the Dutch cultural theorist Mieke Bal, and the 2008 financial
                           crisis have in common? The exhibition, entitled Emma and Edvard:
                        Love in the time of Loneliness, will be curated by Mieke Bal.
February 6:
American Presidential Election System – Barbara Ødegaard
February 14:
For the first time in Scandinavia, an exhibition focusing on the world-famous Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. There will be a guided tour at the Astrup Fearnley Museum
February 16:
Visit to the Oslo Stock Exchange – a talk and a tour of the works of art
March 6:
National Tourist Routes in Norway – Per Ritzler from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration
March 16:
American Graphic Art 1960 – 1990 at the National Gallery
March 21:         Norway Designs – not just a shop!
April 4:              The Finish artist Irma Salo Jæger – a retrospective exhibition at the
                            Henie Onstad Art Centre
May 4:
Architecture Walk around Ullevål-Hageby
May 8:
Sexual abuse on the internet towards minors – Marit Bakkevig,    Senior Public Prosecutor
May 9:
Visit to Fransiskushjelpen at St. Hallvard’s Church and Monastery – this organisation offers help those critically ill or dying and to those in need.
May 29:
A special invitation from H.E. Helen Campbell, Ambassador of the European Union, to visit the Delegation of the EU in Oslo. Nearing the end of her term, the Ambassador will share with us experiences from her work in Norway and her thoughts about the European Union, present and future. Don’t miss this unique opportunity!
May 31:
Annual concert by the Forum Singers at Vestre Aker Menighetshus. This year tribute will be paid to three talented ladies, all born in the year 1917:  Ella Fitzgerald, Wenche Foss and Vera Lynn, who represented their countries with grace and dignity. (Also open to non-members: NOK 200.- / children under 15 yrs. NOK 50.-)
June 12:
       The Annual General Meeting

Autumn 2017

September 4:      A Look at the Norwegian Character and Values – Per Egil Hegge        
September 16
    Ambassadors for Peace – Oslo Marathon / 10 km run
September 19:    A bus trip to Aas Manor and Råsjøen Hunting Lodge in Hakadal 
October 2:           Plastic Pollution in the Oceans – a lecture by Dr. Amy Lusher, a
                              leading researcher in the field of marine pollution.
October 5:           Towards the Forest – Karl Ove Knausgaard on Edvard Munch 
                              – a guided tour at the Munch Museum.
October 11:         The National Archives of Norway – a guided tour
November 6:       Egg donation and Biotechnology Law – Professor Marit Melhuus                                
Mid-November:  Visit to galleries – more details to be announced
November 29:     Christmas Lunch at Oslo Militære Samfund
December 11:      The Christmas meeting