Activity Groups and Courses

Activity Groups

The International Forum activity groups are formed when a member or a group of members organize an activity. No payment is required and all members may participate. If you are interested in an activity that is full, please sign up anyway, as there may be cancellations or we might consider forming new groups. (Contact details may be obtained from the leader of the Activities Committee, via the International Forum Office.)

Drama Reading Group

The play readings are held once a month in members’ homes. Plays chosen are both old and new. The dates for the readings are flexible and usually decided a month in advance depending on how many can attend on a certain date. A light lunch is served between acts. 

Walking Group

The Walking Group meets on Fridays at 10:00 at a designated location. This is good  exercise and fun for those who like being outdoors. The group will continue to meet throughout the Autumn and Winter until  the conditions become too icy and slippery. In Spring when the roads and paths are free of ice and snow.

Swimming at Lysebu (The Danish Cultural Centre at Voksenkollen)

International Forum members are most welcome to swim at Lysebu and have only to show their IF membership card at the front desk. The fee is NOK 100.- per visit. This is not a group activity as such, but IF members can use this wonderful, newly renovated facility as a group or individually.

International Book Club I 

This group meets on the third Wednesday of the month in a member’s home to discuss a book, usually a novel from worldwide literature, chosen by the group. The hostess serves a light lunch. NB! Since the International Book Club is very popular a second parallel  group has been established.

International Book Club II  

To meet the demand, we have established an additional book club with the same objectives as those of the International Book Club I mentioned above. The gatherings will take place once a month on a Tuesday at the home of one of the members. The hostess will serve a light meal.

The Choir Group

The Forum Singers has about thirty members, and gives two concerts a year, in the Spring and at Christmas. The group enjoys a varied repertoire, everything from jazz to the classics. Our conductor is Eva Landro, a gifted musician, who herself sings in Det Norske Solist Kor. The choir practises every other Wednesday evening from 18:00 to 20:30 in Frogner Kirkestue, next to Frogner Church in Bygdøy allé.  New members are welcome! If you enjoy singing and would like to join the choir, please contact the choir leader.
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Cooking Group I

The Cooking Group comprises a small group of ladies who love good food and are interested in sharing recipes and learning from each other. The members meet in each other’s homes about once a month to create dishes from around the world. The cost of ingredients is shared amongst the participants.

Cooking Group II 

Cooking Group II is a smaller group of maximum eight persons. We meet once a month, preferably on a Wednesday, at 13.30. Meetings are held at the home of one of the participants, on a rotation basis. The hostess decides on the menu and buys the ingredients and beverages, and the cost of the ingredients is shared between the participants.

At the moment, we have room for 3-4 new participants. Just call if you are interested.

Monday Duplicate Bridge

The Bridge Group meets regularly at 09:50 until approximately 13:15 on Mondays (except on official holidays) at Ris Menighetshus (the Parish Hall at Ris Church).  Everyone can choose whether to pay a”seasonal” fee or NOK 50.- per session. If you wish, you can bring your own lunch; coffee and cookies are provided.

If you are interested, please contact the Office and let us know as early in the week as possible if you want to play. It would be good to sign up with a partner. However if you do not have one, we can try to find a partner for you if possible.

Monthly Wednesday Bridge Group

This is usually held on the second or third Wednesday of the month, depending on the holidays. There are usually 8 to 12 players (occasionally 16). We play duplicate bridge and enjoy a light lunch afterwards. Please do not hesitate to join us if you would like to. You are most welcome!

Monday Duplicate Bridge Group
We play at Riis Menighets hus’peisestue between 9.50 and 13.15 approximately. It would
be good to sign up with a partner; however if you don not have one, we can try to find
one for you if possible.

Photo Group


Learn how to use your photos creatively and to organise them so that you can find them easily. Beginners, skilled amateurs and professionals are all equally welcome. The idea is to have a “workshop” once a month where we share our knowledge and skills in handling digital photos.

Don’t let your beautiful shots and precious memories get lost among thousands of other pictures on your computer. Organise your photos so that you can find them easily and use them to make beautiful, personalised cards or picture collages for yourself and for friends.

Subjects range from making greeting cards and collages; importing and organizing photos on the computer; printing photos; scanning old photos from prints or from positive or negative film and basic photographic techniques such as composition, depth of field etc. and taking and editing photos with your mobile telephone.

The group meets on average once a month on a Monday from 12:00 – 15:00. If you are interested, please contact the leader of the Activities Committee, via the Office.

Drama Reading Group

The play readings are held once a month in members’ homes. The plays chosen are both old and new. The dates for the readings are flexible and are usually decided a month in advance, depending on how many can attend on a  certain date. A light lunch is served between acts.


The International Forum Courses are organised by members who teach or lead a course for a fee. (Contact details may be obtained via the International Forum Office.)


Individual courses tailored to your needs. Refresher courses for conversation – all levels.

German Conversation

A new course is being planned. We will keep you updated.


Tuition is available on Wednesdays:  Beginners from 15:00 to 16:00; Intermediate students from 16:00 to 17:00 and Advanced students from 18:00 to 19:00.

Traditional Norwegian Rose Painting  (Rosemaling)

Rose painting (“rosemaling”) is a traditional Norwegian folk art which goes back to the 18th century and which is still alive in many parts of the country. Morning and evening courses can be organised for large or small groups. If any members are interested, please  contact the IF Office for further information.