The International Forum is  a non-political and non-profit-making association, founded in Oslo in February 1979. It encourages contact between foreigners and Norwegians and arranges activities of mutual interest. The working language is English.

The aims are:

  • to promote friendship through understanding between individuals of different nationalities
  • to help solve problems of a practical nature which foreign nationals may meet in Norway
  • to promote knowledge about the different cultural, social and economic backgrounds of the nations represented by the members
  • to widen the choice of cultural and social activities open to foreign nationals in Norway



The International Forum arranges monthly evening lectures by distinguished speakers on historical, topical and contemporary issues of public interest. During the day there are excursions and visits to cultural institutions, often with an expert guide. Opportunities are available to tour exhibitions, museums, art centres and to visit famous artists’ studios.                                                                                                See under Menu – Events

Members enjoy a range of activities such as: Bridge, the Choir, Cooking, Indoor Golf, an International Book Club, Norwegian Conversation, Photo workshop, Swimming and Walking. In addition there are Courses, where subjects or specific skills are taught to members for a fee. These include: English, Spanish and Traditional Rose Painting.                                                                                                   See under Menu – Activity Group and Courses


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