Dates for your Diary 2018

Spring 2018

January  8   Monthly Meeting : The Norwegian Election System – Marit Nybakk

January 11   Art :  Marina Ibramovic at Henie-Onstad

January 25    S.E. : Visit to the Salvation Army

February 5    Monthly Meeting : Illiteracy in Cuba – H. E. Oscar de Los Reyes Ramos

February  22   S. E. : Tour of the Oslo Public Library

February 27   Art : With Eyes Closed / Gauguin and Munch

March 6          Monthly Meeting : Obstetric Fistula  – Sidsel Høihjelle Michelsen

March 16        Art : The Great Graphic Boom

March 21        S.E. :  Norway Designs

April 4            Art :  Irma Salo Jæger

April 17          S.E. : A visit to the Norwegian College of Sports Sciences

April 26          Art : Nesodden Kunst- og Næringsparken

May 7             Monthly Meeting : Norwegian Defence – Admiral Steinar Paulsen

May 24           Art : Architectural Walk to the Barcode

May 30           Forum Singers 20th Jubilee Concert

June 5            Visit to the Royal Park

June 11          Annual General Meeting

June 13           S.E. : Visit to Sister Churches, Hadeland

Autumn  2018

September 3   Monthly Meeting :   Development of the English Language – Kristin Bech

October 1        Monthly Meeting :   The work of the Nobel Committee – Sigrid Langebrekke

November 5    Monthly Meeting :   The Gokstad Viking Ships – Geir Gokstad

December 3     Christmas Meeting :  A Christmas Carol – a performance by Angela Halvorsen Bogo and Jan-Egil Egnes

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