Early in the morning on June 13th, forty “lucky ladies” met for a Spring trip to Larvik, arranged by the Special Events Committee. So many members wanted to take part in this visit, and we are sorry that the number of participants had to be limited.

Soon after we started, Rosemary gave us an orientation of the history and some short stories about the towns which we travelled through on our way down to our destination. We arrived on time at 10:30 at Fritzøehus, where we were welcomed by a cheerful Mille-Marie Treschow.

Already in the entrance hall, we became speechless ….

beauty and thoroughly consistent implementation was the instant impression which we received. In the hall, Mille-Marie Treschow related the interesting history of her family and the house and the restoration period, the successful outcome of which we all witnessed. Our admiration of this lady and her work increased as we strolled through her home.

She guided us herself through beautiful dining rooms, study and library – ending up in a gallery for art exhibitions. The house is a museum of furniture, paintings, carpets, objets d’arts and chandeliers, mostly from France.

Our president gave an appreciative speech, thanking Mille Marie Treschow for allowing us to visit – we felt very privileged. Our hostess was presented with the Forum bowl, as well as two bottles of good wine, French of course …

We finished our tour by walking in the Private Park, which was a luxuriant sight on such a beautiful summer’s day.


Larvik sommertur 2

After a short bus ride we arrived at Tollerodden, another but very different “pearl” in Vestfold. The early home of the famous shipbuilder Colin Archer. We walked around this picturesque promontory by the sea in glorious sun, and Hilde, who is the driving force for Tollerodden welcomed us, telling us about the former house-owner and his family and the voluntary work around this establishment.

Eventually we were seated in the house, in the dining rooms, and served a delicious lunch, the Tolleroddens famous fish soup. It was as good as promised! We finished with coffee and apple cake.

The following guided tour in Colin Archers home was interesting and informative. We were impressed by all the voluntary work that has not only made possible the restoration of this cultural heritage, but also enables the running of it.

Weatherwise, the day was perfect, as was the day as a whole. Forty very happy ladies boarded the bus and we were all a great experience richer. Wenche and Astri and the rest of the committee would like to thank you for your company!

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